Junkyard Dog HOF?

October 22, 2018 | CBN

Commonly known as the Junk Yard Dog or JYD for short, former NBA player and Global Ambassador Jerome Williams isn’t only a VIP on the court – he’s also a strong philanthropist at heart.

"When you teach kids about the game of life, you want to make sure they learn to do things they love. When you reach that fulfillment in life, it automatically makes you a more joyful person.”
- Jerome “JYD” Williams

As a recipient of three NBA Community Service Awards, Jerome has exceeded an impressive combined total of 2 years (730 days) of community service time to various charitable basketball-driven projects and initiatives, including the following:

Jerome Williams Community Service

JYD Project

Founded in 2009 by Jerome and his wife of 18 years Nikkolette, the JYD Project is a youth development 501c3 that offers children's programs and community service opportunities that focus on childhood literacy, sports/health and student motivation.

The Project was created with the goal of engaging youth using culturally-relevant learning methodologies and age-specific activities to teach them new knowledge, life skills and goal setting in a more attainable and adaptable way through sports. Through his non-profit, Jerome has raised over $4 Million dollars in college scholarships.

Jerome Williams' JYD Project

NBA’s Basketball Without Borders (BWB)

Since the year 2003, Jerome has participated in Basketball Without Borders, traveling to numerous places in China, Africa and South America to help enrich the lives of others through his sport. Beginning in 2001, Basketball Without Borders (BWB) has been the NBA and FIBA’s global basketball development and community outreach program, aiming to teach the game of basketball and bring resources to underdeveloped areas. Jerome and his wife donated over $50,000 to BWB for children in South Africa.

Legends Shooting For Peace

Jerome Williams has been Shooting For Peace at home and abroad since 1997, building programs in both athletics and academics. Jerome’s Legends Shooting For Peace programs have benefited countries including Canada, the USA, Africa, China, Israel, Belarus, Philippines, South America, Mexico, Qatar, Bahrain, Guam, Dominican Republic and India. These programs have successfully expanded the NBA, NCAA and BIG 3, and have raised an impressive $3 Million in Scholarships for high school students to HBCU.

Today, Legends Shooting For Peace services over 35,000 students in the USA/ Canada, and continues to brings communities together, promote education through reading, and encourage youth to engage in sports as well as peaceful activities.

Findlay Prep

Findlay Prep is the leading program for freshmen through senior student-athlete basketball players on the west coast who seek a college prep education both on and off the basketball court. With over 36 international student-athletes from 16 different countries collectively enrolled, JYD was asked to put together a NBA ready program as a volunteer classroom teacher.

Jerome was also a Findlay Prep Volunteer Coach for 7 years, coaching over five NBA players and helping bring them to multiple high school national championships. Jerome became the Head Coach of the 2013 Season that graduated Kelly Oubre, Rashard Vaugh, Dillon Brooks, Jonah Bolden and O’Shea Brissett future NBA players.

Findlay Prep Basketball team, Jerome Willaims as coach.

Young 3

In 2017, BIG3 hit JYD’s radar and he had to be a part. After retiring from basketball in 2005, he came back to be runner up defensive player of the year and led his team’s playoff run in pts., rebs & assts. In 2018, JYD was player/asst. coach of BIG3 Champions team POWER. He was also named president to lead Young 3, an organization rolled out by Ice Cube. Young 3 is a BIG3 Program which aims to advance 3-on-3 basketball in local communities while providing more opportunities for more children to enrich their lives with basketball and encourage today’s youth to be more active.

Williams Endowment Montgomery College Scholarship Fund

Pumping gas is how JYD paid his college tuition. Jerome Williams graduated from JUCO in 1994. In 1996, after graduating from Georgetown University, he started the Williams Endowment Montgomery College Scholarship Fund that has gifted over 35 scholarships to local & International students.

To know Jerome…

Anyone who knows basketball contributor Jerome Williams personally seems to always have something extraordinary to say about his philanthropic ways. Below are some kind words from fellow Hall of Famers and friends: “I’ve known Jerome Williams for over 25 years; I’ve witnessed his energy on and off the court. As a ball player he was tenacious. JYD has put that same fire in the community for the past 20-plus years, especially with the youth. His contributions to basketball as an Ambassador for the game are deserving of the HOF.” - Julius “Dr. J” Irving

“The JYD, Jerome Williams name should be honored with the greats of the game as a “Contributor” to the Basketball Hall of Fame. He is a bonafide Superstar when it comes to giving back. He’s spent 22 years coaching, encouraging, creating, working and barking for youth. From his NBA Global Ambassador ranks to President of BIG3’s Young3, his number one goal is to improve the lives of others through the game of basketball.” - George “The Iceman” Gervin, Naismith HOF, Class of ‘96

“I've known Jerome Williams for many years and I'm always amazed by what he's done off the court to change the lives of children around the world. If more people would use their God Given abilities as an asset to help others then our world would be destined for greatness." - Nancy “Lady Magic” Lieberman, Naismith HOF, Class of ‘96

“I love Jerome. He’s truly a great guy with a great personality. He does a lot of things to help kids out – it’s inspiring. If you know Jerome, you’ll know what a terrific guy he is and know that he’s on the right track to the HOF.” -Rick Barry

Jerome Williams contribution to community

Spreading positivity and love through basketball: The JYD does it best

Jerome “Junk Yard Dog” Williams has no plan of putting his charitable ways on hold, and is still involved in many great initiatives that aim to make the world a better place through the magic of basketball.

When the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame goes to vote for their 2019 Contributors, many Hall of Fame alumni think Jerome Williams should get strong considerations.

Julius Irving and Jerome Williams


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