Toronto Seizing the Moment with Cavs & Celtics Not at Full Strength

May 1, 2018

Boy, have the Raptors been playing strong.

With a newer offense and a more powerful defense (Kyle Lowry – we see you), they’ve seem to consistently been putting on for their city and outshining both the Cavs and the Celtics.

As the Raptors have been doing better than ever this playoff season, the Celtics seem to have been facing multiple critical injuries – the latest being Jaylen Brown with a strain to his right hamstring. Despite this, Brown tells NBC Sports Boston: “I’ll be back. I’m playing.”

As the fiery Raptors enter into the Eastern Conference semifinals series against the Cleveland Cavaliers, they have a better shot now at becoming the first Eastern Conference team in eight years to get LeBron out of the postseason.

But how realistic is this feat for the Toronto team; considering three-time NBA champion James never fails to bring the heat when it matters most? (We’re having flashbacks to last year’s Conference Seminfinals – let us remind you that the Raptors lost all four games to the Cavs).

Tonight, Tuesday, May 8th will mark Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinals series, with Game 2 following this Thursday. This is the third consecutive season that the two opposing teams will go head-to-head in the playoffs.

Will the notion that “the third time’s the charm” apply to the Raptors this time around? We’re excited to see how it plays out.

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