Jerome Williams - Canada Tour: Part 1 (Montreal)

October 22, 2018 | CBN

Young3 Group photo with all participants

Young3 President Jerome Williams took a trip to Canada the other week and visited the wonderful cities of Montreal and Toronto with a mission to give back and influence some positive change.

Jerome’s trip began in Montreal where he had many activities planned – including conducting a Q&A on financial literacy to high school students, providing advice on how to avoid debt and emphasizing the importance of making wise choices. After he answered plenty of questions from the students, Jerome stayed to sign autographs and take pictures with everyone who asked. In addition to receiving great advice on financial literacy, these young adults got to experience just how much this former NBA star cares about youth and giving back.

Jerome’s next stop in Montreal was at NBA Crossover where he was joined by former NBA players Gary Payton and Maurice Peterson. Here, the three athletes did a Q&A about a variety of topics which included their careers on and off the court. The Q&A took place at a special club in front of a very engaged audience.

Jerome’s last stop in Montreal was at NBA Clinic, where he talked about technology on behalf of Kids Code to a room full of high school students. Following his speech, the students went around the room and participated in stations that featured different codes. Jerome signed many autographs and posed for a ton of pictures with students who were ecstatic to see a professional athlete talk to them about technology and code (two very complex things that are rarely spoken upon by athletes).

There’s no question that Jerome Williams’s trip to Montreal was a success! It's always very inspiring to see Jerome active in the community, showing that he and other athletes truly care about their fans and most importantly, the youth.


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