Basketball Podcast: Trash Talkin' with Legends by Jerome JYD Williams and Champions Basketball Network Present

Trevor Ariza - Trash Talkin' with Legends - Episode 5

Fan favorite and nine year NBA workhorse Jerome “Junkyard Dog” Williams, along with his brother Joshua, host Trash Talkin’ with Legends.

Trash Talkin’ takes fans behind the scenes of the NBA, with direct insight and commentary seldom heard in broadcasting. Guests of the show include NBA players, past and present.

On today's episode, we're talking with Ashley Nevel in our about the current state, favourite moments, stats and plays of the season in the NBA. We're analyzing key players and difference makers in the NBA. In our second segment, Injury Report, we're talking about how the injuries are affecting the current state of the game before the playoffs. In this week's Legends Lounge, we have a chat with Trevor Ariza. In our next segment Draft Class, we talk about current stand out players.


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