“Young3 and BIG3 Hitting Social Responsibility”

Saturday, June 22, 2019 5:25 PM | CBN

“Young3 and BIG3 Hitting Social Responsibility”

By: Liam Blutman

Saturday, the 22nd of June, another act of positivity curated by the Young3 in tandem with the BIG3 and Adidas. Our friend Nancy Lieberman, Head Coach of the defending champion Power, was more than kind enough to refurbish Erma Henderson Park here in Detroit, Michigan. The entire court was redone with numerous Adidas, BIG3, and Young3 graphics on and around the court giving it a fresh, sleek and Big League feel. The never ending goal is to make these parks a safe place and a place sought out by the youth without a second thought. We take pride in encouraging the future of our country to get outside, be active, participate in sports, make new friends, and most importantly to stay out of trouble.

In addition to refurbishing the court, your favorite youth camp, YOUNG3, was out bright and early hosting a camp for the youth. We were pleased to see about 50 kids show up, hungry to learn, eager to hear from former professional basketball players and most important, happy to see their basketball court at their local park looking better than ever. Jerome Williams, Johnnie Williams, Josh Williams, Charles “Choo” Smith, Eric “Broadway” Jones, Bryan Burrell, Liam Blutman, and Lamar Lundy set up the camp and instructed the campers step by step throughout the morning. Each kid wore a smile from ear to ear and were just so excited about what was happening around them. Much to our surprise something happened that we’ve never experienced before - A group of kids actually asked to do 25 push-ups to open the camp, even when Jerome asked if they wanted 2 or 5. Big shoutout and ups to the youth in Detroit for wanting to get after it this morning and putting in the extra work. We see you Detroit.

Here’s to hoping Erma Henderson Park stays safe and people appreciate the hard work put in by Nancy Lieberman, the Young3, BIG3, and Adidas. Enjoy your Park.



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