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The Champions Basketball Network (CBN) is an online broadcasting destination where basketball fans of all ages and backgrounds can embrace their #1 sport through a range of quality content. The CBN features coverage like live college and high school games as well as professional player events via digital streaming, and also features live television broadcasts. The CBN also creates content that's true to the sport. We are proud to be the first basketball network dedicated to "Everything Basketball" by players via TV, internet and mobile devices - so whether you're at home or on-the-go, you can have CBN right there with you. We are extremely close to our global audience because we zero in on three defining key elements of the sport: Dedication, Determination and Discipline.

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Jerome JYD Williams Visits Rwanda

Jerome JYD Williams Visits Rwanda

October 13th, 2019 was a special day for Rwanda. This country in Africa is home to over 12 million people! Unfortunately, life is tough for the people of Rwanda as poverty rates are high. Jerome Williams made it his duty to travel all the way to Rwanda and give back to these great people!

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Junkyard Dog HOF?

Could Jerome Williams be inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame?

"When you teach kids about the game of life, you want to make sure they learn to do things they love. When you reach that fulfillment in life, it automatically makes you a more joyful person."
- Jerome "JYD" Williams

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