Ice Cube Preaches Greatness at Young3 - Charlotte, North Carolina

Friday, June 28, 2019 5:35 PM | CBN

Ice Cube Preaches Greatness at Young3 - Charlotte, North Carolina

By: Liam Blutman

Week 2 of the Young3 saw us take the tour to the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club in Charlotte, North Carolina and boy did the kids of Charlotte show up! We were so amazed to have had  around 120 kids participating in today’s clinic and the one word to describe them was: Energetic! Safe to say that today’s energy rivaled that of last year’s Miami’s camp. We also were witness to a  Young3 first as we now can proudly boast that we had out first camper dunking. YTep, that’s right we saw a 14 year old take flight right here at a Young3 camp!

Per usual your Young3 members: Jerome Williams, Johnnie Williams, Josh Williams, Charles “Choo” Smith, Eric “Broadway” Jones, Erin Thorn, James “Hollywood” Robinson, Desmond Farmer, Bryan Burrell, Lamar Lundy, and yours truly Liam Blutman were out there doing their thing, making sure the Charlotte youth were all having an unbelievably fun time. With that, we brought out the one and only... Lucky The Bulldog and clearly the kids were ecstatic to see Lucky emerge from the shadows. They flat out mobbed Lucky, gave him plenty of hugs, and danced with him. The smiles on their faces were gigantic as it was just another way to make the youth super happy! Also great to see Thomas Scott come out and support the youngsters as well. Thomas is the BIG3’s Director of Basketball Operations. We also had Alan Anderson of the Triplets show up and help entertain. Alan played basketball with the kids, took pictures and happily signed autographs. Another special treat was BIG3 commissioner, Clyde Drexler showing up and taking some pictures with the kids as well!
We had a new addition to the Young3 experience too! Choo spoke to the teenagers about life and prepared them for a bunch of situations in life. There were some very talented players out here today and we all took notice, so Choo conducted several mock interviews where soembody was just drafted to the NBA and had to respond to the media right after. Choo also prepared these young men and women for job interviews. As these kids are very close to entering the "real" world and getting jobs, so he helped them with how to handle a job interview. Choo also just spoke cold, hard, facts to them, statements and advice that these teenagers needed to hear before they enter some of the biggest years of their life. Sure the main focus here was not about basketball and the topic was simple but... There isn’t a better person to entrust with helping young men and women get prepared for life. These kids are our future, Xhoo and a whole lot of others want them to be the best generation ever. I'm positive that we'll see more life advice from Choo in the future, so be sure to get your kid to a Young3 camp and let them get the best teaching you can find!
The young boys and girls of Charlotte were treated to such a special experience today as the one and only Ice Cube made a surprise appearance at today’s camp! BIG3 founder, Ice Cube to ok pictures with the kids and spoke some very wise words. His message was very clear as he conveyed the idea of getting active, making friends, and being safe/staying out of trouble. Jerome Williams stated the following, “It’s a blessing whenever an icon shows up and spreads their positivity!” This experience will go a long way for the kids of Charlotte, a moment they’ll never forget.

This was a great day in Charlotte and it was truly a pleasure to give back to the community and the youth which are the future of tomorrow!



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