Shooting For Peace Takes On Las Vegas Rescue Mission

Tuesday, November 27, 2018 3:58 PM | CBN

Shooting For Peace Takes On Las Vegas Rescue Mission

A chance to feed the homeless and give back to the community took place on November 21st at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. This was the day before Thanksgiving and many good people came here to give back and make people’s days.

Among the people to attend were: Jerome Williams, James “Hollywood” Robinson, Robert Smith, and Bryan Burrell. Jerome is the president of the Young3 organization which Hollywood and Bryan work with as well. Robert played at UNLV and in the NBA. It was a great opportunity for these men to put smiles on people who are less fortunate and show them that people do care about them. In addition to giving homeless people food, they made sure everybody got a seat, got drinks for each person, made sure everybody was having a good time, made small talk, and cleaned up after the event ended.

Robert, Hollywood, and Jerome are also all member of the Las Vegas Chapter NBRPA. Which stands for, National Basketball Retired Players Association. It was very good to see the NBRPA fulfill the Shooting For Peace initiatives by feeding the homeless and giving back.


On behalf of Champions Basketball Network we hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving! Happy Holidays.



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