What Will Zion Williamson

Monday, February 25, 2019 5:15 PM | CBN

What Will Zion Williamson
Zion Williamson, Duke’s freak freshman, has a major decision to make. Does he continue playing for the Blue Devils, who have National Championship aspirations or does he sit out with his knee sprain, cheer on the Dukies from the bench and likely secure his spot as the #1 overall pick?
It’s not an easy decision although it might sound like one for many. The majority of people would say, "sit out and secure the bag of cash…” And I respect that decision, I really do as he’d guarantee himself hundreds of millions of dollars, and be given a chance to become an instant shining star for one of the NBAs low-level teams. Or he could play, continue to ball out, cement himself as arguably the best one and done player we’ve ever seen, and compete for a National Championship. He’d be playing for his legacy, as a true freshman who will bounce after a year and that’s super impressive in my opinion.
What would I do if I was Zion? I’d continue playing and try to do everything I can to bring Duke another National Championship. Success is never a sure thing as there is no guarantee that Zion becomes a superstar in the NBA. He could become another forgotten bust that is made fun of every now and then. Adam Morrison gets laughed at for his miserable NBA career. That dude did so much for Gonzaga and his legacy will always be remembered. Money is money, Zion will make money regardless, trust me.
What do I think Zion will do? I actually think he plays, I really do. I said it the night Duke fell to UNC. I said Zion is going to want a crack at the Tar Heels. He played 30 seconds, sprained his knee, and they lost by 16 on their home floor to their arch rival with Zion watching the game on a TV in a medical room at Cameron Indoor with his family. It honestly seems like Zion genuinely loves Duke and loves playing for this school. I expect Zion to come back on March 5th for a home game with Wake Forest, senior night, a time to celebrate the rare few seniors Duke has. It will really be Zion’s last home game at Duke. He’ll get his shot at UNC on March 9th. If you see how Duke is treating this injury, it’s a day-to-day injury and it appears as if though Zion is close to being ready to play again.



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