Young3 Has The Birmingham, Alabama Community Buzzing With Excitement

Friday, July 5, 2019 10:43 PM | CBN

Young3 Has The Birmingham, Alabama Community Buzzing With Excitement

By: Liam Blutman


Another week, another act of kindness delivered, this time in Birmingham, Alabama. The Young3 team is responsible and let me say that today’s camp was flat out impeccable. We were fortunate to visit A. H. Parker High School and big shoutout to them for opening the school up during summer break and help host this incredible camp!


Running the camp and making sure the kids had a memorable time were: Jerome Williams, Johnnie Williams, Erin Thorn, James “Hollywood” Robinson, Charles “Choo“ Smith, Eric “Broadway” Jones, Desmond Farmer, Kevin Whitted, Lamar Lundy, Bryan Burrell, and Liam Blutman. Happy to say it was Kevin’s first week with us this summer and he stated the following, “It’s been amazing, the energy is high, you have so many incredible teachers, I’m so happy to be here.” We were indeed very happy that Kevin is here too! I loved the footwork drills he had the kids doing as well as some really advanced drills that the youth adapted to and improved on throughout the day.


The boys and girls of Birmingham brought a lot of energy during their drills and especially during the 3 on 3 tournament. When they weren’t playing they were out there enjoying some pizza or cheering on the kids participating in the other games and creating an even more fun atmosphere. We had a 4-Point contest as well… Big shoutout to Jeremiah for winning the 4-Point Shootout! Jeromes’ son is improving every week and really looks like he’s going to become a stud basketball player in the future. We also named 7 kids to our Young3 All-Tournament Team. Congrats to: Christian Milteer, Terrance Atkins, Shelly Millender IV, Reagan Casper, Kamil Goodman, and your MVP... Drec Moreland! Drec is a super talented 14 year old who was out there swatting shots emphatically, creating space with nice dribble moves, and finishing at the rack with a variety of layup packages. He appreciated the coaches help today and says he really enjoyed the camp.


I’d also like to thank Ronnie O. Rice for all that he did. Ronnie is an attorney with  Alexander Shunnarah Law Offices here in Birmingham and he invited so many great people in the community to come out and enjoy the camp. The following people were out here supporting the community: Sheriff Mark Pettway, Nadav Raviv of Petty Marketing, Kelvin Datcher of the City of Birmingham Mayor’s Office, DJ Chocolate, Principal Darrell Hudson of A. H. Parker High School, and Jay Johnson who is with College Prep U. I hope this illustrates how important today’s camp was to the people of Birmingham, they enjoyed every second of it!


All in all it was a really fun and productive time out here and Birmingham resident, George McGary appreciated the Young3 for showing out. He said that, “The youth of today needs role models and it's good for them to see professional basketball players take time to work with them and educate them!” We hope those at the camp had a blast and cherish these moments for years to come!


See y’all next week in Providence, Rhode Island.



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