Young3 Las Vegas

Monday, January 7, 2019 4:40 PM | CBN

Young3 Las Vegas

Young3 Vegas

President of the Young3, Jerome Williams made some big moves today as he ran a Young3 camp in his city, Las Vegas.


The camp was held at Bill and Lillie Heinrich YMCA, the camp took place for third graders to eighth graders and all participants were members of the Vegas Elite Basketball Program. These kids are always playing 5 on 5 so why not introduce them to 3 on 3 where more games are being played and more kids can play, get active, and have fun. Brian Sitter the program director of the Vegas Elite feels like 3 on 3 play is growing due to the Big3’s success. Lest we forget that 3 on 3 play will be an olympic sport soon, kids don’t just have to play 5 on 5 to make it to the big stage now! Jerome truly believes that 3 on 3 requires every skill, if you are a good shooter but can’t play defense your poor defense will be exposed, you can’t hide your weaknesses. Jerome wants to help these kids become great all-around players that have good basketball IQ’s and enjoy the game of 3 on 3. As always Jerome signed autographs for the Youth and took pictures with them, really making their days amazing.

As 3 on 3 play continues to expand the Young3 will continue to promote it as well as impact communites in a positive way.



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