Young3 Summer Stars Part One

Wednesday, July 31, 2019 8:13 PM | CBN

Young3 Summer Stars Part One

By: Liam Blutman


As many of you are aware, the Young3 has been traveling around the United States this summer with a few very important goals in mind. Most important to us is knowing we are giving back to communities and its youth. We want to provide these youngsters with incredible life lessons and teachings as well as basketball skills courtesy of our fantastic coaching staff. We’ve also had our eyes on basketball players at our various camps who possess talent that has them way ahead of other kids their age. Thus, the Young3 All-Team was born. This article highlights the hard working kids of Charlotte, Birmingham, Providence, Kansas City, and Salt Lake City. We’ve chosen multiple players from each camp to represent the Young3 name. President of the Young3, Jerome Williams had this to say, “The Young3 All-Tournament team represents the best of the best all over the country. When you have high level coaches coming from NBA, WNBA and the Harlem Globetrotters, it’s easy to see how some of these kids can potentially be seen in the future on the next level if they work hard.” Without further ado here are your Young3 All-Team Summer Stars from the first half of the Young3 tour.


*Instagram @‘s can be seen next to players name as well as favorite teams, players, and what they loved about the Young3 camp!*


First up we have to recognize the talent of Jerome’s son, Jeremiah. He’s been at plenty of Young3 camps and is always showcasing his skills. 


Las Vegas, Nevada


Jeremiah “DADOG” Williams

Georgetown - Warriors - Wants to improve his left hand and become a more consistent 4-point shooter


Next, the kids of Charlotte who participated in our Dream Court camp!


Charlotte, North Carolina


Cj Caldwell - @kid.brezzyy


Kevin Laney - @foe_.kevo


Malachi Moboti - @malachi4x


Israel Marion - @yktv_.loco


DeMarco Reynolds - @Sharpshooting_demarco


Birmingham, you’re up!


Birmingham, Alabama


Drec Moreland - @iamiceyDrec

Duke - Warriors - Wants to improve his defense


Ja’Kyrus Gantt

Duke - Lakers - Enjoyed how fun and competitive the games were


Kamil Goodman - @Kamil.Jordan

Duke - Celtics - Loved the positive energy during Young3!


Christian Milteer - @cm3bb

Kentucky - Nets - Wants to work on his post game


Terrance Atkins

Alabama & Duke - Lakers - Wants to become a better finisher at the rim


Shelly Millender IV - @LilShelll

Alabama - Warriors - Pass first point guard that loved learning from NBA players


Reagan Cooper

Duke - Celtics - Thanked Young3 for giving him the opportunity to make new friends


Your time to shine Providence!


Providence, Rhode Island


Taeloz Arnold

Duke - Celtics - Kyrie Irving - Great defender that didn’t stop hustling all day!


Masiah Davis - @Supersi_1

Duke - Celtics - Jayson Tatum - Improve upon ball movement


Kennard Washington - @WashingtonKennard

Alabama - Celtics - Kyrie Irving - Aims to become an even better shooter


Patrick Garcia

Nets - Kylie Irving - Says his best skill is dribbling


Jorday Johnson

UCLA - Lakers - Anthony Davis - Liked the opportunity to play with other kids


Lucas Cruzs

Clemson - Nets - Kyrire Irving - Wants to become a better shooter


Make them remember your name Kansas City kids!


Kansas City, Missouri


Trey Taylor - @Lab.Trey

Kentucky - Heat - Dwayne Wade - Wants to become a better defender


Quazell Pickes - @NonStopQPKing

Kansas - Lakers - LeBron James - Thanked Young3 for giving him the opportunity to showcase his skills


Anthony Brown - @2ezant

Kansas - Clippers - Paul George - IQ and understanding of the game is key strength of his and helps him create plays


Michael Smith Jr. - @MJ_Hooper10

Duke - Lakers - LeBron James - The Young3 camp impressed him and he loved learning from NBA players


Ja’Ron Bradley

UCLA - Celtics - Stephen Curry - Wants to become a better teammate


Prove all the doubters wrong Salt Lake City!


Salt Lake City, Utah


Christian Cox

Duke - Warriors - Kevin Durant - Aims to become a better three-point shooter


Lukas Anderson

Utah - Warriors - Kevin Durant - Wants to work on his shooting and defending


Lena Casperson - @Lena_Casperson

Utah - Jazz - Donovan Mitchell - She wants to become a better three-point shooter and thanks for the Young3 staff for making that day so enjoyable


Aidan Duffy - @AidanDuffy.12

Duke - Warriors - Stephen Curry - Thoroughly enjoyed the fun of Young3


Jaden Fullmer - @xJadenxFullmerx

Duke - Warriors - Klay Thompson - Loved that the Young3 gave he and his friends the opportunity to meet new people


Ruben Drawn - @RubenDrawn

Utah - Jazz - Allen Iverson - Thanks the coaches for their guidance


Lucas Deollos

BYU - Jazz - Rudy Gobert - Like Mr. Gobert, defense is his best basketball skill



There you have it! These 31 kids played hard and earned a spot on the Young3 All-Team Summer Stars squad! Give them a follow on Instagram to congratulate them on their accomplishment. Now let’s see just how far basketball takes them, we won’t be surprised if at least one kid is running a youth camp after he or she finishes up a successful basketball career! 



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