CBN in Asia

CBN is devoted to contribute to the global basketball development, as extension to CBN’s contents production businesses, CBN's plans to have on ground presents in all emerging markets. Asia as the most populated region with extensive basketball fan base. CBN already has established its representative offices in Taipei and Shanghai over seeing the development in the Asia region.

CBN Asia is focused on three main area of activities in the region where it formulates an all Basketball eco system platform that can be replicated into all different markets for future deployment:

1) Basketball Academy

2) Events and League management & promotions

3) Media contents production & distribution

1). Basketball Academy

Jerome Williams taking pictures with excited fans.
Young children lining up to participate in academy activities.
Group photo of academy participants.


Concept is to have multiple location based physical training centers in each market that provides the following services:

Services for players

  • Elite youth Basketball training program by age and categories (mini, beginner, intermediate and advanced);
  • Domestic and overseas summer & winter training camps;
  • Overseas student players placement (partnership with local and overseas schools);
  • National team advancement (partnership with local basketball federations);
  • Online learning program;

Trainer & Coach services

  • Certified training program;
  • Trainer placements service (partner with government, schools and sports clubs);
  • Trainer teaching kits program;
  • Online coaching program;
  • Talents scouting services;
  • Club/team management program;


2). Event and League management & promotions


Group photo of NBA players with young participants.

Activities focus on the following service scope:

  • Organize and promote grass roots & elite amateur leagues and tournaments;
  • Manage talents recruitment activities;
  • Manage & promote exhibition events of legends and celebrity athletes;
  • Develop and host CSR initiatives (partner with local and international charity and NGO institutions) e.g. host “Legends Shooting for Peace” international program.


3). Media contents production & distribution


Video editing and recording equipment.
Jerome Williams in front of a green screen.
Camera recording


Consists of the following activities:

  • CBN original contents production and distribution;
  • CBN Connect APP operations (online interactive tool for all members and followers in the space of CBN basketball eco system);
  • Local markets basketball contents Production;
  • Learning program productions;